Is ringing hard work?

No. Ringing is normally an easy, fluid action that does not require any hard effort. It is all about a fine touch rather than brute force.

Inexperienced ringers can sometimes find ringing tiring, usually because they are ringing with an inefficient style. This improves with time. Ringing big bells (over half a tonne, say) can be hard work at times, but if you've reached that standard you will probably relish it.

Do you need to be "musical"?

No. The only musical ability we look for is a sense of rhythm. Most people have that. Bellringing has its own written notation that uses numbers. It does not use musical notation.

Do you need to be a member of the church?

No. Whether you are, or are not a churchgoer makes no difference. We have a mix in our band, as do most bands.

Is bellringing dangerous?

Not if you have been taught how to do it. Otherwise, yes - attempting to ring a bell when you are not properly trained or supervised could result in a broken bone or other serious injury. Heed the warning notices.

Does bellringing damage your hearing?

Pardon? Seriously, no, there is no danger. It is possible to have a quiet conversation in the ringing room while the bells are ringing. If you were to be upstairs among the bells while they were ringing, that would be a different story. Ear protection is mandatory in that environment.

Is it possible to practise without the whole town hearing what we're doing?

Not really, but: