Pay us a visit

If you think you might be interested in learning to ring (or you are merely curious about bellringing), the first step is probably to come and have a look at what we do. We often get visitors to our practice nights and our Sunday morning ringing sessions and you would find it an interesting experience whether or not you are hoping to learn to ring and join our group for regular Sunday and Monday ringing.

After watching us ring for a few minutes, we will take you upstairs (safely armed with ear defenders!) to view the bells through a window in the bell chamber door. We might even give you a short, preliminary go at ringing, although it isn't possible to have a proper lesson during an initial visit.

You can arrange such a visit by contacting one of the ringers.

Starting Lessons

Update, October 2022: Please note that over the last few months the bellringers have had an unexpected influx of enquiries from people wanting to learn to ring, while already having a full teaching schedule. We are not, therefore, in a position to offer teaching at this time.

Check back over the next few months for a change to this situation. (In the meantime, you are still welcome to pay us a visit or drop us a line to let us know you are interested.)

Any questions?

Ask away! Ringers always like to discuss ringing. You might also like to browse a list of frequently asked questions.